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Khatna or FGM/C has affected so many women in so many different ways. Hear their stories of discovery, pain, trauma, acceptance and activism.

Samina, India

I read an article about FGM being performed in the Bohra community five years ago, and came home furious at my mom for subjecting me to this brutal practice. I remember crying uncontrollably that nig...… Read more ›

Hanan, UK

A Mother's Daughter I write this piece as the daughter of an FGM survivor. I have been privileged to have been spared the knife, thanks to the tough stand taken by my mother, Tasneema, in making su...… Read more ›

Sakina, India

It began when one of my friends sent me an article written by Masooma Ranalvi. The memories of that fateful day that I had swept away under several layers came back with the minutest of details, still...… Read more ›

Farzana Doctor, Canada

When I first heard about Bohra women speaking out against khatna, I thought, “these are my people!”. I’ve long been an activist around feminist/gender issues, but I’d never before met Bohra...… Read more ›

Saleha Paatwala, India

I am a journalist based in Mumbai. Rebellious since childhood, I have always opposed things which involved violence in any form. While pursuing masters, I came across a film on Female Genital Mutilati...… Read more ›

Zehra Patwa, USA

In 2014, I saw a video that would change my life. My husband sat me down, told me that this was going to be upsetting and showed me a video that my father had sent to him. It was a documentary from...… Read more ›

Masooma Ranalvi, India

I initiated the movement Speak Out On FGM in late 2015. The case against 3 Bohras in Australia hit home the realisation that FGM exists and is very much thriving in the Bohra community in India as wel...… Read more ›

Alifya Sulemanji, USA

I, Alifya Sulemanji went through the atrocity of FGM. It's been 35 years but I haven't forgotten that day of my life till today. One morning, my mom told me we were going to visit my aunt who lives i...… Read more ›

Yasmin, India

I vividly remember being taken by my mom and probably my nani or another female relative, when I was seven, wearing a sky blue color frock (my fav) and white pants/pyjamas in some chawl in Bhendi Baaz...… Read more ›